Workshop on Teaching Turkish Language and Culture Takes Place at CoHE

February 22-23, 2018 / Ankara


CoHE Executive Board Member Prof. Dr. Mehmet Şişman chaired the "Workshop on Teaching Turkish Language and Culture to Turkic People and Foreigners" which was held in order to discuss the teaching of Turkish language and culture to Turkic people and foreigners in detail.


In addition to faculty members from universities that offer master's programs under the names of "Teaching Turkish to Foreigners", "Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language", "Teaching Turkish for Foreigners", instructors working at TOMER and officials from the Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities and the Directorate General of European Union and Foreign Relations of the Ministry of National Education also attended the workshop.


After the opening speech of CoHE Executive Board Member Prof. Dr. Mehmet Şişman, faculty members who had been conducting studies on Turkish language teaching made presentations.


Following the presentations, they discussed the current situation under the topics of "Challenges Turkish Students Living Abroad Encounter While Learning Turkish Language and Culture and Suggested Solutions", "Challenges Regarding the Scope of Graduate Programs Related to Teaching Turkish Language to Foreigners and Suggested Solutions" and "Problems Encountered in Teaching Turkish to International Students and Suggested Solutions".


At the end of the workshop, the participants suggested solutions about the conditions for admission to graduate programs for teaching Turkish language and culture to foreigners, the names and contents of the existing courses in the programs, definitions for the proposed new courses, the areas of achievement in Turkish language teaching programs, courses and contents that are planned to be included in Master's degree programs for the teaching of Turkish language and culture aimed at Turkish children living abroad, Turkish language teaching and the problems research centers encounter while teaching Turkish language to international students.