Workshop on Internship in Medical Training Takes Place at CoHE

January 10, 2018 / Ankara


The Council of Higher Education held the "Workshop on Internship in Medical Training" with the participation of CoHE President Prof. Dr. M. A. Yekta Saraç in order to evaluate the current situation of internship, the last stage of medical training, and future plans.


Deans of medical schools, Ministry of Health officials, chief physicians and representatives of interns attended the workshop moderated by Prof. Dr. M. İ. Safa Kapıcıoğlu, Deputy President of the Council of Higher Education.


Speaking at the opening of the workshop, CoHE President Saraç said that the aim of medical schools is to train physicians who learn, share, put into practice, evaluate the results of their practice, provide high quality health care services and easily adapt to changing conditions.


"Medical programs are offered in medical schools. Of the 92 medical schools that offer medical training, 9,392 students continue their internship in 68 medical schools," he said, noting that the profession of medicine is a very important basic health profession in protecting and developing health.


He said that the 6th year medical students had been spending all of their training period in the hospitals. He also noted that 44 of the state universities had their own hospitals while 19 state universities collaborated with hospitals affiliated with the Ministry of Health.


President Saraç stated that the medical training in the last year of medical school is called internship and that medical students get prepared to become doctors by participating actively in the processes and practices of clinical decision-making under the supervision of faculty members and assistants. "It is very important to evaluate medical training with a holistic approach while aiming to improve internship. In this context, we should take into consideration the dynamic changes in the field," he said.


CoHE President emphasized that reviewing internship, monitoring the assessment criteria and coming up with solutions after identifying them in a national scale would contribute greatly to medical training and mentioned the recent studies carried out by the Council of Higher Education in the field of health education such as the "Determination of the minimum requirements for education programs", "standards for starting training " and " National Core Curriculum Program".


He said that the Council of Higher Education continue to work in cooperation with the Ministries of Education, Health and Finance in the planning of health manpower and that the "Department of Planning for Higher Education Programs" was established within CoHE.


"According to the Report on the Status of Health Education and Manpower in Turkey (February 2014), there are 514,955 health personnel working actively in Turkey, including 129,383 medical doctors, 21,160 dentists, 26,617 pharmacists, 149,012 nurses, 5,821 physiotherapists, 52,351 midwives and 130,611 other health personnel.


According to the report, it is envisaged that the need for doctors and nurses will be met in 2024 and the need for midwives and medical secretaries will be met in 2025, taking into consideration the graduates and those who will graduate.


It is of great importance to evaluate the period starting with the year 2024 and onwards by taking into consideration the quotas in education and employment of graduates. It is clear that the Ministry of Health and the Council of Higher Education have to collaborate to create a plan for the health manpower and carry it out smoothly."


Click here to read the full transcript of the speech made by CoHE President Prof. M. A. Yekta Saraç. (In Turkish)


Following the opening speech, Prof. Dr. Ali Düzova, the Sixth Term Coordinator at the School of Medicine of Hacettepe University, made a presentation entitled "Historical Process of Internship, Internship in Turkey and in the World". Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ayhan Özhasenekler, the Fifth Term Coordinator of Yıldırım Beyazıt University, made a presentation entitled "What are the Opinions of Interns? A Survey Study". Dr. Orhan Ayata, the 6th year medical student and the representative of interns at the School of Medicine of Başkent University, made a presentation entitled "Issues Related to Training in the Eyes of Interns". Dr. Naci Yılmaz, the sixth year medical student and the representative of interns at the School of Medicine of Ankara University, made a presentation entitled "Administrative-Physical Issues in the Eyes of Interns". Prof. Dr. Berrak Yeğen, representative of the National Medical Education Accreditation Board (UTEAK) from the School of Medicine of Marmara University, made a presentation entitled "Quality Standards in Internship and Good Practices".


After the presentations, CoHE Deputy President Prof. Dr. M. İ. Safa Kapıcıoğlu moderated the discussion entitled "Problems and Proposals for Solutions in Internship".


Kapıcıoğlu and the participants had a question-and-answer session and discussed all the details related to internship by exchanging views on the topic.