Press Release

Joint Statement by the Council of Higher Education (CoHE)

and the Inter-University Council (UAK)*




"The decision of the United States of America to recognize Jerusalem, the common holy and ancient city of humanity, as the capital of Israel and to move its diplomatic mission to Jerusalem was an exceptionally unfortunate decision in terms of universal peace, especially the peace in the region.


Jerusalem, which is the sacred place of the three Abrahamic religions, set an example for humanity as a place where different religions and beliefs have lived in harmony in the Ottoman period. This sacred place, which has interiorized the culture of living together throughout the history, currently needs peace more than ever.


In an environment where the international community, including the United States of America, accepts that Jerusalem is under occupation, the initiative that disregards international law, the UN resolutions and the concerns of countries and is likely to fuel the conflicts in the region is totally unacceptable.


As the Council of Higher Education and the Inter-University Council, we appeal to the world leaders to take a stand for peace, conscience and justice by calling attention to this wrong decision and make a request to the United States of America to withdraw its decision.


We invite all national and international platforms to take a common stance against the actions and decisions that will harm the historical and sacred feature of Jerusalem, the City of Peace."


* This statement was prepared by the members of CoHE and UAK and announced to the public in the UAK meeting that was held at CoHE today.