Introductory Meeting for Eğitim-Bir-Sen’s “A Look at Higher Education 2018 Monıtoring and Evaluation Report”

September 12, 2018 / Ankara


CoHE Executive Board Member Prof. Dr. Mehmet ŞİŞMAN:


- "As the new CoHE, we have carried out and developed many projects that could be considered as a first for our country. However, I couldn't see these projects in the report."


- "While we were doing the right things for our country, we received populist criticisms, but we did not see some of our other stakeholders, including the union, next to us as we took a stance on quality."


- "As the new CoHE, we realized the CoHE 100/2000 Project, taking into account the need for highly qualified manpower in the priority fields of Turkey. We did not see any statements regarding this project in the report."


- "We prepared reports on many subjects, published books, booklets, periodicals and shared them with the public. However, we did not see any of them in the references listed in the report."


- "As the new CoHE, we provided scholarships to every successful student, regardless of their level of study or nationality."


- "We are above the EU average in terms of female academics and students in higher education. In today's world where the ratio of female academics has decreased, 44% of academic staff in our country is comprised of women. The same ratio applies to students."


- "In addition to graduate programs aimed at training teaching staff in Turkey, we continue to send students to study especially in the fields of study that are strategically important for the country within the scope of the YLYS, in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education. We have to give credit to the Ministry of National Education in this regard. There is an exceptionally good coordination between the Council of Higher Education and the Ministry of National Education."


- "As a result of the improvements made on the programs of vocational schools in the quota planning for 2018, we prepared a rational plan in order to improve the quality of manpower needed by the industry, and the placement results of the 2016 ÖSYS have confirmed that we were spot-on with the planning."


- "We classify universities according to their achievements, reward the successful faculty members with the academic incentive system and reward students according to their achievements."


- "Turkey is increasingly becoming a center of attraction in higher education in the region."


- "A workshop on 29 disciplines in the fields of educational sciences and teacher training will be held under the coordination of the Council of Higher Education next week. The various aspects of postgraduate education in these fields and the preliminary reports will be discussed in the workshop."


Click here to read the full transcript of the speech made by CoHE Executive Board Member Prof. Dr. Mehmet Şişman. (In Turkish)