Within the scope of the Farabi Exchange Program which enables student exchange among higher education institutions in Turkey, students can continue their education in another higher education institution for one or two semesters.


In addition, the Council of Higher Education grants non-refundable scholarships to students who participate in the exchange program for 4 months. Until now, around 30 thousand people have benefited from this program.


With the Farabi Exchange Program, a program highly valued by the Council of Higher Education that enhances the qualifications of Turkish higher education institutions, students and academic staff, Turkish students are given the opportunity to study at established universities. Besides, students get familiar with different universities in Turkey and evaluate these universities.


The amount of the monthly scholarship for this year is determined as 400 TL for students who even continue to receive other scholarships while participating in the exchange program.


Scholarships to be granted to students who will study in 15 universities within the scope of CMP


The Ministry of Development initiated the Attraction Centers Program (CMP) for 23 underdeveloped provinces this year. Students who will receive education at 15 universities chosen among the universities located in these provinces by the Council of Higher Education will be granted 600 TL for 8 months.


While students who continue their education at other Turkish universities receive 400 TL as a non-refundable scholarship for 4 months under the Farabi Exchange Program, students who will continue their education at the 15 universities determined by the Council of Higher Education under CMP will be granted 600 TL for 8 months. As a result, these universities will come into prominence.


The 15 universities that were determined by the Council of Higher Education are Ağrı İbrahim Çeçen University, Ardahan University, Batman University, Bayburt University, Bingöl University, Bitlis Eren University, Erzincan University, Gümüşhane University, Hakkâri University, Iğdır University, Mardin Artuklu University, Munzur University, Muş Alparslan University, Siirt University and Şırnak University.


4,113 students to benefit from the Farabi Program this year


A total of 4,133 students who have completed their application and evaluation process are found eligible to study at different universities in Turkey under the Farabi program for the upcoming academic year.