CoHE Saves around 250 Million TL with its E-Registration System

September 9, 2018


75% of the students registered online


The online registration system, which has been offered to students through the E-state Gate by the student-friendly new CoHE since the 2014-2015 academic year, was preferred by students as the method used for university enrollment.


Of the 586,041 students who were given the opportunity to enroll online this year, 439,275 students enrolled via e-registration. 75 out of every hundred students who were giving the opportunity to make e-registrations, enrolled via e-registration.


79% of the students enrolled at state universities used e-registration whereas 58% of the students enrolled at foundation universities used e-registration


With the initiative of CoHE, students have been using e-registration to enroll at all state universities for the last two years. The students of 20 foundation higher education institutions were also allowed to use the e-registration system to enroll at foundation higher education institutions this year. 79% of the students who got into state universities and 58% of the students who were given the opportunity to enroll online after they got into foundation universities preferred to use the e-registration system.


Special talent programs and programs that were not found eligible for e-registration by higher education institutions (such as programs that require medical reports) were not included in the system. The e-registration was completed for the first placements. Students who used additional placement quotas and the quotas for national athletes must apply directly to higher education institutions.


Bureaucratic procedures shortened and time saved with the help of the "Digitalized CoHE"


CoHE has recently attached great importance to digitalization in order to facilitate the lives of students and their parents and to reduce their potential expenses and realized the systems for Student Document Verification/Inquiry, Online Certificate, and Graduate Certificate Verification/Inquiry, Inquiry for Application of Equivalence and Online Registration.


These systems helped reduce the bureaucratic procedures at universities, save time and reduce the cases of forgery of documents. In addition, universities made savings in workforce and office supplies to a large extent.


E-registration helped save around 250 Million TL


It is estimated that the e-registration system helped save about 250 million TL this year. The transportation expenses spent by a student and at least one parent of the student to go to the city where the university is located, their accommodation expenses for one night, travel expenses, food expenses, and other expenses were taken into account while calculating the amount of savings.


Those who used e-registration for enrollment will submit their documents to universities


Students were able to enroll at universities directly with the help of the e-registration system. These students will be able to register for courses provided that they submit the documents listed in the announcement published on the websites of universities on the dates listed in the announcement, and meet the other requirements.