CoHE Provides New Opportunity for Schools of Medicine and Faculties of Dentistry: Instructors Can Work Under Contract



Professors and associate professors who are not permanent staff in universities, including public institutions and foundation universities, can now work as contract faculty members in the needed fields in schools of medicine and faculties of dentistry within the framework of the procedures and principles which the Council of Higher Education determined after taking the opinion of the Ministry of Finance.


After the related faculty board determines the needs, the university administrative board will make a decision.


Instructors will be able to carry out all kinds of educational, research and implementation activities.


They can be paid up to 10 times the amount of additional course fees for hourly pay. The amount of fees for special projects can be increased up to 15 times upon the decision of CoHE. Payments will be made from a special budget.


Contracts will be valid for one year at most with the approval of CoHE. Contracts that will be valid for two months at most can be made with the decision of the university administrative board.


The procedures and principles shall be effective as of January 1, 2018.