Statement on CoHE’s Decisions Taken on November 9, 2017 at CoHE General Assembly Meeting Regarding Higher Education Institutions Examination



In addition to higher education systems, the purpose and content of education, educational methodologies and the educational methods for measurement and evaluation are also made to go through a change in the world as a result of rapid developments in information and communication technologies. We have previously announced that Turkey needs a new measurement and evaluation system in transition to higher education, taking into account the need for skilled human resources at all levels within the scope of development and the need for a change.


We have also stated that the Basic Proficiency Test (TYT) would be held this year. It will emphasize the use of knowledge and prioritize the production of new knowledge, rather than measuring the level of memorized knowledge, just like the tests that are held in the developed higher education systems in the world. Due to the fact that the test will be held for the first time, many of our stakeholders asked us to explain many topics related to the test in more detail. In this context, we released the "Frequently Asked Questions" on different dates.


The Council of Higher Education evaluated every opinion and request received from students, the public and related stakeholders and the most prominent opinions and requests brought to the agenda are summarized below:


1. Instead of having the test in two sessions on the same day, the first session will be held on Saturday morning and the second session will be held on Sunday morning.


2. The emphasis on the evaluation of proficiency in Turkish and basic mathematics in the TYT was received favorably by the public. Knowledge on social and natural sciences will be measured through explicit and independent questions rather than implicit questions as people had concerns that the previous implementation could cause the knowledge on other courses to be ignored.


It is only natural for the Council of Higher Education to take into account the opinions and criticism of stakeholders as its basic function is to serve the public. As a result of negotiations and analysis made in this framework, we, as the Council of Higher Education, made partial changes in the TYT in order to reduce and eliminate the concerns of students, their families and the public, taking into consideration the "gradual transition" to the new measurement and evaluation system.


It was decided that the first session of the Higher Education Institutions Examination (Basic Proficiency Test) would be held on Saturday, June 23, 2018, the second session would be held on Sunday, June 24, 2018, and the language exam would be held in the afternoon on Sunday, June 24, 2018. No changes were made in the implementation, the question types of the second session and the language exam.


The score types that will be used for placing students in undergraduate programs will be verbal, quantitative, equally-weighted and language scores , as explained before.


There will be a total of 120 questions in TYT. 40 questions will be about Turkish and 20 questions will be about social sciences (geography, religion and ethics, philosophy, history). 40 questions will be about basic mathematics and 20 questions will be about natural sciences (biology, physics, chemistry). The number of questions in social and natural sciences tests was distributed as equally as possible according to the fields of science that contribute to the creation of basic competence of students, rather than the intensity of the course hours in secondary education. We have not made any changes or shortened the allocated time per question. Taking into consideration the number of questions, the duration of the test was determined as 135 minutes.


First Session
Basic Proficiency Test (TYT)


Basic Proficiency Test


Number of






Average Time

Per Question










Social Sciences

  • Geography: (5 questions)
  • Religion and Ethics: (5 questions)
  • Philosophy: (5 questions)
  • History: (5 questions)







1,125 min.


Basic Mathematics





Natural Sciences

  • Biology: (6 questions)
  • Physics: (7 questions)
  • Chemistry: (7 questions)











135 min.




As TYT will be held for the first time, OSYM will share some sample questions as soon as possible so that candidates can better understand the test and will not have any worries.


We wish good luck to all candidates and hope that they will lead a good life filled with happiness.