Frequently Asked Questions about the Higher Education Institutions Exam

19 October 2017


The Council of Higher Education shared information about the Higher Education Institutions Exam that will be implemented for the first time in 2018 in a press conference on October 12, 2017.


In our statement, we announced that we were aiming for the new examination to have the following qualities, taking into consideration the recent developments in higher education systems in the world:


  • The exam will be more simpler and lucid.
  • It will be evaluated based on basic proficiency.
  • It will attach importance to vocational training and students will be allowed to choose different programs of vocational schools using the same score type.
  • It will be based on secondary education attainment.
  • It will reduce the stress caused by the exam on applicants.


We would like to thank the public and all individual and institutional stakeholders for their opinions and suggestions which we have received from them after the announcement.


The following changes were made in the new examination in light of the opinions and suggestions:


  • Without giving up on the main objective of the basic proficiency test in the first session, students are still required to get a minimum score of 150 in the exam in order to be transitioned to higher education institutions.


  • The minimum score of 180, which is required for enrolling in undergraduate programs, will be calculated by taking into consideration the performances of applicants in the first and second sessions. This will enable applicants to be more conscious and less stressed in the session that will be held in the afternoon.


  • The curriculum of secondary education will have more influence during the calculation of the score types required for choosing undergraduate programs and enrolling in the chosen programs.


We believe that the related people and shareholders sent us most of the questions about the new examination system as the new examination will be conducted for the first time in 2018.


When the system was simulated with the test results of the 2017 exam, it was observed that the number of unused quotas in the related year was reduced to one fourth of the total number even though CoHE did not make concessions on the approach of input-based quality improvement. This shows that the new exam also aims to have a student-centered approach along with the other aims mentioned above.


We prepared the Frequently Asked Questions which also include the regulations on the above mentioned changes.


The Higher Education Institutions Examination aims to contribute to choices and placements that are more conscious and a more rational planning for quotas in higher education.


Click here for the Frequently Asked Questions about the Higher Education Institutions Exam. (In Turkish)