Everything You Want to Know about Turkish Higher Education is now on “CoHE Mobile”

CoHE Is Going Digital…


May 25, 2018


CoHE introduced its "CoHE Mobile" application, which is compatible with Android and IOS operating systems.


The users, who installed the application on their mobiles, will have an easy access to the institutional information of the "New CoHE", news, announcements, information on academics, magazine issues, reports, staff positions for teaching fellows and researchers published by universities, and contact information and locations of universities, Higher Education Program Atlas and Thesis Center.






In other words, all outputs of the world of science such as theses, articles, studies, patents and statements, and all data, even the number of students enrolled in a vocational school in a district can be accessed from smartphones. Moreover, the issues of CoHE magazine and reports will also be included in this application.


This application will also provide great convenience to institutions and organizations during employment. Student and graduation certificates, which were taken from the E-State Gate, can be verified through the CoHE Document Verification System.





CoHE is planning to add new services such as "Certificate of Equivalence", "Academician Document", "Diploma Verification", "Online Registration", "Location Finder for Programs Listed in the OSYM Guide" and "Location Finder for KYK Dormitories" to the "CoHE Mobile" application.


You can download the application to your smartphone by searching for "CoHE Mobile" on Apple/Google Play Store.