CoHE Starts Working on Associate Professorship Examinations

October 27, 2017


In consideration of the opinions and suggestions received from associate professor candidates and the recent developments in other higher education systems in the world, the Council of Higher Education is planning to evaluate the current procedures required for becoming an associate professor and to make a new arrangement if necessary.


Currently, associate professorship examination is carried out in two stages: Work review and oral exam. A jury determined by the Inter-University Council evaluates the papers of the candidates who submitted all required documents that are written in a proper style. Those who pass the oral exam are awarded the title of associate professor.


The appointment process of the associate professorship is carried out according to the criteria determined by the senate of higher education institutions and approved by the Council of Higher Education.


Universities are expected to inform the Council of Higher Education regarding the evaluation and the related topics listed below in writing and through by November 6, 2017.


In addition, academics and related institutions and organizations wishing to express their views on the topic could convey their opinions and suggestions to the Council of Higher Education via the same e-mail address.


Click here for the correspondence sent to the universities. (In Turkish)


The topics that should be evaluated by universities are as follows:


1) Having the same application requirements for the first stage. Removing the requirement for a central oral examination.


2) Allowing universities to manage the process for the promotion of the candidates who fulfilled the requirements for the application for becoming an associate professor in the first stage and were issued a document related to it by Inter-University Council (UAK) to the permanent post of associate professor.


3) Giving universities the option of adding additional conditions to the minimum conditions determined by UAK.


4) Evaluation of the status of associate professorship. Is it an academic title or the name of a permanent post like professorship?


5) Types of conditions required in order to receive or keep a title in case associate professorship is considered as an academic title.


6) Evaluation of the topic on receiving the title of associate professor outside of the academy. If it is decided that the title of associate professor will continue to be provided for individuals outside of the academy as it is in the current system, which institution (UAK/Universities) will provide this title and on which conditions?


7) Other topics or suggestions that need to be reviewed regarding the process for associate professorship.